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Navilla Panel was founded in 2003 in Shanghai, China.

From 2003 to 2008, Navilla Panel was providing wall coverings with multi materials.

In 2009, a new product line introduced to Navilla Panel category—-Ancient Ship Wood mosaic. Navilla Panel saw many old boats along the coast by chance. An idea come out from Navilla Panel: Is it possible to do something with these boats? After did homework about the wood of those ships. Navilla Panel found that it’s perfect natural material to make decorative things.  Cause after soaking in seawater for centuries, the wood of boat formed the character of solid, anti-pest and water-proof, such character are endowed with the meaning of peace and safety of house. Navilla Panel started to find old boats and made mosaics from the wood.

From 2009, Navilla Panel got lots of orders by this Old Ship Wood Mosaics.

Navilla Panel never stops chasing the dream of Wall Coverings.

One day in 2012, a customer from Canada walked into office of Navilla Panel. He would like us to develop a series of products for Canadian market. When saw many manufacturers were making wood flooring, Navilla Panel got some idea to start making something different: using wood to make wall panels. After as long as 18 months developing, a new series product line launched.

Navilla Panel use different ways to make sure the high-end quality of Wood Panel.

  1. Raw material with FSC certificate

All materials are imported with FSC certificate.

  1. Carbonation

All flitch will do carbonation before cutting. This action will lead the wood water absorption rate under a certain low level.

  1. Eco-friendly accessories

Sherwin-Williams Painting

HDF/MDF with E0 grade

Now, these new series wood panels are popular in Canada, United States, Japan and U.A.E.

Navilla Panel will keep provide high quality wall coverings to customers by continues efforts.



Looking for Partners!


Looking for Partners!

Merry Christmas

& Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!