Q1: Where can I install Navilla Panels?
A: Navilla Panels are used for interior decorations, you’re not suggested to install them on the outer wall.


Office reception areas, show rooms, board rooms and meeting areas
Restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs
Shopping centres, shop fit out and merchandising
Residential homes in living rooms, entrances, stairwell walls and home theatres
Set design and backdrops for television shows and commercials
Event and exhibition wall decoration

Q2: Can I install Navilla Panels in the bathroom?
A: Navilla Panel can’t install in the bathroom due to they’re high humidity in bathroom. The Navilla Panel will be damaged very quickly while installing on the wall of bathroom.

Q3: How can I install Navilla Panels?
A: For solid wood panels and old ship wood mosaics, you can install them on the wall by silicon gel. For weathered wood panel, there are double sides adhesive on the backside, you can just peel the paper and install them on the wall.

Q4: Is it possible to install Navilla Panels in a commercial space?
A: Absolutely, in fact our panels are ideal for commercial space.

Q5: Can it be applied to a textured surface?
A: We recommend that if the surface is too textured, you sand the texture down, clean the area of dust, then apply the panels to the smooth wall.

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Looking for Partners!

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